Between Milk & Hamburgers



Recently, Chick-Fil-A has been successful with their creative ad campaign promoting chicken products over beef. This specific form of advertising is changing the public’s perception of the beef industry. First, before I begin, there is a difference between these two cows:

dairy-cowimages                         http://c3e308.medialib.glogster.com/media/2b/2bae4058fb25a2c690011bec0d8a1ff9173b9c72adbc02b3a6bee796de156492/dairy-cow.jpg


The female cow on the right is a beef cow. Beef cattle, by definition are raised for their meat, so muscle mass is dire to their existence. On the contrary, the cow on the left is a dairy cow, raised to be milked and produce diary products. Therefore, as you can see, much like the majority of America– Chick-Fil-A is sadly mistaken about their animal byproducts.

Beef cattle come in many different colors and breeds, they can be black, white, red, or any combination of all three. The United States represents more than 20 different breeds, each known for its own distinct color pattern. Beef cattle are used for their meat, because their shorter-stockier bodies are built to store fat and muscle, making them taste better.

In contrast, dairy cattle are known for their tall and bony statures. Throughout the American dairy industry there only about 6 breeds, with the most primary being Holsteins. Dairy cattle skeletons are more visible over their tight skin due to the fact that they spend oat of their energy on producing milk rather than storing fats.

Although both types of cattle are generally fed around the same regimen, it is clear that they differ in many ways. Beef cattle tend to depend on a more grain-fed diet, while diary cattle can rely principally off of pasture grass. Both dairy and beef cattle tend to primarily castrate the male calves and turn them into steers for strictly meat byproducts, while saving the supreme babies for reproduction. While these animals differ from each other in so many ways, many clueless American’s still think their milk comes from the exact same animal their hamburger was produced by.




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