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We Need Agriculture


Although most people do not realize it, agriculture surrounds us everywhere we go. It affects us both directly and indirectly in everything we do. It is embellished in our lives through our communities and economy, it is such a dominating industry; yet somehow gets overlooked by the majority of Americans. When most people think of agriculture they think of the production side: beef, sheep, swine, diary, corn– the stereotypes.

What these people do not see is that, as the world has evolved, so has agriculture. Today’s technology offers new forms of agriculturalists such as organic farming, sustainable farming, and even corporate farming. People do not consider that when they receive flowers, agriculture provided that possibility. Or when they go out to eat, walk through a grocery store, or sit down at the dinner table, everything they consume began at a farm of some type. Not just the chicken cheese came from a farmer either, the fresh herbs, caned vegetables, and even spices were all produced by agriculturalists. Consumers do not consider that all perfumes and dyes were only able to be condensed to that product because they began as agriculture products.

The fact of the matter is that as basic living organisms, we can live without TVs, magazines, cellphones, and computers. What we cannot live without is the products agriculturalists provide for us each day. The assumption by the general public that agricultural is not important is incredibly misguided and inaccurate. As an advocate for agriculture (advocate) I realize that a lot of the reason consumers have so many misplaced opinions about agriculture is also due to a lack of education; as an industry I believe is it our job to be proactive in the fight to protect the reputation of agriculture. Instead of waiting on animal activist groups and groups that oppose GMO crops to post more videos or ads diminishing the face of the agricultural industry, we need to do more to educate communities on the truth about what agriculture does for them. It is important for people to see agriculture surrounding them before they make a judgement call based on a sad video specifically posted to alter the minds of uneducated individuals.



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