agriculture, Holly Spangler's 30 Day Blog Challenge

Farming For the Green

….the cash? No. Contrary to the apparent popular belief of society, farmers do not farm for the money. Farming does not have a great cash out to begin with, nor does it offer insurance or other benefits that the majority of jobs have. The truth is that farmers did not choose their profession because it makes them an abundance of money, they chose it because they love it. For most, farming isn’t a career, its a way of life.  Of course there are individuals who are very good businessman and just so happen to make a lot of money also doing what they love; however, that is not a direct correlation between farm families and high income.

On paper, it does look like farmers do make a lot of money. For instance, on a good year, farmers can make $900 per acre; however, their income is never fixed from year to year. Another thing peopled do not consider is all the money farmers have to pay before they even begin to make anything.

For instance, one piece of machinery will cost a farmer anywhere between half a million to two million dollars, and that’s only one thing. Farmers need multiple tractors, and in many cases multiple combines, too. They also have to pay for not only the seeds, but also the chemicals and fertilizers to treat the land.

So, are farmers rich? To me, yes; however, not in a monetary sense. Farmers understand the values that are instilled into the lives of individuals that live on farms, its the kind of reputation that everyone notices. They also have the benefit of being self-employed, and running their own operation they way they choose to. What I feel is the most beneficial part of this life is the feeling of making a difference, farmers know that their line of work affects the lives of people all around the world, and usually in a positive way. They are able to use the earth and all of its creations to feed the living organisms that inhabit it.


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