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The Truth About Chipotle

Chipotle is known by consumers for organic and locally produced vegetables, anti-biotic free meat, and all natural pork Mexican food; however, are these messages pertaining to agricultural practices in the U.S. properly portrayed to the uneducated general public?

Not exactly.

Their commercial turned them into the face of sustainable agriculture in fast food. The video clearly shows representations of GMO use and chemicals; portraying alternating Mother Nature in any way very bluntly in a negative form. The video shows images of the chickens being injected with a substance that makes them increase significantly in size, and a half crow/robot that follows the scarecrow around. Not the contrary, a Blogger, Mother Jones, quotes the spokesman for Chipotle saying:

“the film is about a host of issues in agriculture and industrial food production—the overuse of antibiotics, harsh crowding of animals, and the high degree to which so much food is processed. But there are no GMO references, either literal or symbolic.” 

In contrast to their video, their website claims the use of GMOs in both their soybean and corn oil products; which all of their meats and chips are cooked in. Also, their website states that the majority of their animals could possibly be fed GMO feed, which additionally contrasts the messages they feed consumers through the media.


Corporate farms and factor farms use antibiotics to help with the augmentation of growth in chickens and other livestock. Chipotle claims to not use any animals that have ever been under the influence of any antibiotics, and the their websites supports that idea when it comes to chickens stating “Chipotle allows animals that are sick to be given antibiotics, but they are not permitted to return to Chipotle’s supply and are instead sold as conventional meat”. When it comes to their beef tho studies have shown that over 80% of Chipotle’s beef is raised because of supply shortages. So this part of their advertisements proves to be partially true.

Although Chipotle remains partially true to their video and other advertisements they proudly display to the public, they are in no way innocent. Their video was an extreme exaggeration of the issues at hand in the agricultural industry today, and many of them they tried to defend by saying they were not portrayals of what they appeared to be. In my opinion, a video that degrading to the only industry that feeds the world should be more carefully considered before being released world-wide to consumers who are easily influenced whether the facts be true or not.


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