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PETA Secrets Revealed

For years, The People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA, have ran campaigns across America making them look like superheroes for animals; however, the truth behind the organization shows them to be far less than the saviors of the animal kingdom. In fact, it seems all they really do is work to bring disgrace to the reputations of the agricultural industry and many other organizations.

In order to “save animals from mistreatment” PETA takes actions such as blowing up buildings and smashing in windows. They also hire arsonists to do their dirty work for them, usually to destroy laboratories that are filled with the exact thing they claim to be advocates for: ANIMALS. To me, this doesn’t seem like a trusted organization. PETA also plays the religion card against individuals who simply choose to eat meat; claiming to christians through billboard media that “hogs died for our sins“.


PETA brings disgrace to the face of agriculture by showing their audiences photos of old, mistreated, dying animals and making it appear to be the status quo among all farms. Their very misguided and at times, even brainwashed viewers see agriculturalists as monsters because of this campaign. It needs to be made clear that these biases are NOT true. There are a few bad players on every team, but that does not make the entire time bad. The same is to say for farmers, yes there may be a few misguided actions that take place, but that certainly does not set a precedent for the entire industry. On the contrary, the actions that PETA, as an organization carries out is a direct reflection of their true morals and values.

Just because an organization claims to be an advocate for puppies and kittens, does not mean that all of their actions are revolved around the concern of the safety and health of those animals. When considering the way they attempt to help the situation, it doesn’t seem that they are actually concerned about the animals at all; but are more-less interested in proving a point to the rest of society that disagrees with them. The brutality of their actions need to me recognized by more of the public, so it can be stopped before it continues to get worse.



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