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Enough Food Isn’t The Issue

Although world hunger is a serious issue frequently discussed in today’s society, it is commonly mistaken as being an issue of a lack of world-wide food supply. However, experts say there is plenty of food, in fact there is enough food in the world today for everyone to have the nourishment necessary for a healthy and productive lifestyle. A common misconception, is that there are no other contributing factors other than that the world’s food supply is facing a shortage. This uneducated assumption has lead to society blaming farmers because they think there simply isn’t enough food, whereas in reality the food shortage is an affect of  many other influences.

War, natural disasters, discrimination, and poverty are oftentimes the actual reasoning behind famine across the world. On the contrary, this has lead to the rush of the development of agricultural technologies from companies such as AGRA and Monsanto. They have created many products to help prevent the expansion of hunger across the world. Agriculturalists are not the only problem, a lack of food is definitely not the problem, and producing higher yields will not solve the starving children in Africa’s issues.

Ultimately, generating more agriculture in the western hemisphere, allowing people to get to access to the food systems of their choice. Having a safe access to food is the source of the food crisis, not the actual matter of whether the amount of food exists.



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