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Pigs: The Misunderstood Mammals

To most people, bacon is known as the chocolate of meats. Yet the pork industry, the producer of bacon, faces the most discrimination of most meat producing industries. Pigs are commonly referred to as stupid and dirty livestock; however, it has been proven that if pigs are given the proper amount of space they are particularly clean animals. In fact, pigs are extremely cautious not to soil or leave excrement in any place that they will be sleeping or eating. They consciously designate certain areas for bedding and leave them separate from the spaces they eat in.

After observation, scientists say they can use their snouts to search and forage for food all while traveling several miles at a time. The most natural state for hogs is to be able to roam freely in a large pasture where they have plenty of area to maintain their preferred status of cleanliness, socialization, and can root for food at their leisure. Unfortunately, due to lack of space issues that most conventional farms face today, majority of pigs are often unable to be compensated with these types of conditions.

When allowed to roam in a natural habitat, female pigs spend a mere 6% of their time lying down; however, because of the conditions factory farms usually put them in they usually spend the majority of their 4 month gestation period lying down. To me, it isn’t the animal itself that has earned their reputation, but the corporate farming that has implemented the practices of their livelihood upon their livestock. In a world with unlimited space for this country’s livestock, pigs could be smarter, cleaner and leaner than the average household pet.


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