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Farm Animal Cruelty

If you google “farmers do not abuse their animals” there is not a single advocate that appears in support of farmers and the way they actually treat their animals. To me, this is just as much of an issue as the people bashing agricultural animal abuse. People questioning agriculturalists through their posts such as “farm animals must not be considered animals” and “farming=cruelty to animals”. On the surface, it appears that all farms are factory farms and have so many animals that they cannot physically care for them all, and that their purpose is driven from merely a profit standpoint; however, that idealistic point of view is driven from the uneducated reputation given to ALL farmers when in reality it is only valid for the minority of the industry.

For many farmers, livestock is their only source of income, animals are literally what their family’s livelihood depends on. Does it really make sense to mistreat the only thing that earns you money? One of the many conceptions coming from the general public is that farm animals are not fed adequately. Under-fed animals means underdeveloped animals, which in turn generates less of a profit for livestock that are raised just to be shipped to market. The public is seriously uneducated if they think that scrawny animals packed into tight confined buildings is the status quo for American livestock farms.

The fact of the matter is that just because there are few “bad eggs” in the agricultural industry (factory/corporate farmers)¬†definitely does not mean that all farmers do not appreciate the beauty of animal life and all that they offer to humans. In fact, its quite the opposite.

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