You Decide Your Future

Throughout the majority of high school and college students’ educational and at times professional careers, they have had to take personality tests that evaluate their compatibility with various career fields. These questionnaires are designed to measure individual’s strengths, personality type, and likeliness of long-term success. The key idea to these quizzes is to lead every individual to possible career fields based on his or her personality.


 These tests can examine a person’s ability to work with others in a professional setting, for instance, teamwork on projects and dealing with their colleagues who may or may not deliberate information the same way as them. Personality plays a powerful role in the way we do everything, whether we realize it or not. Our personalities define who we are to others, and in a sense, each individual’s charisma represents their exclusive brand. Our characteristics make a difference with not only the way we handle other people, but also the way in which we organize thoughts, handle life’s problems, and consume experiences.

Of course, there is a very diverse array of personalities throughout even one single career, much less an entire industry. The quizzes aren’t meant to tell people precisely what career they HAVE to have, but instead to give them an idea of what careers may best suit their personality. Myers-Briggs tests are designed to do precisely that by developing a sort of code for individual personalities. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator categorizes personalities based on four questions:

  1. Are you more of an introvert (I) or extrovert (E)?
  2. Do you focus on the basic information you take in, called sensing (S), or do you prefer to interpret the meaning, referred to as intuition (N)?
  3. Do you look at situations from a more logical or thinking (T) perspective, or do you reference each situation in accordance to the individual people and circumstances, associated with feeling (F)?
  4. Lastly, when it comes to approaching the outside world do you prefer to simply get things decided referred to as judging (J) or do you prefer to keep an open mind and accept new information and circumstances which is considered perceiving (P)?

Your personality is your brand. Make it a powerful one. You do not have to make millions to love your career. Some people choose their careers because it is either something they are passionate about or something they are naturally talented at. On the contrary, you don’t even have to necessarily adore your career. In many cases, people choose their career because it is either something they are naturally talented at or it makes significantly more money than the average day-to-day job.

The moral of the story is that although these tests and strategies are designed to alleviate the stress for young people on the quest to decide their future, they are definitely not black and white answers. People of all types of personalities work in a variety of career fields across the country, and opinions do not decide your future.




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