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Veggie Tales

Although many recognize farming as cows, plows, and corn; fruits and vegetables play a vital role in farming all across the world. However, there are many things people do not realize about fruits and vegetables.

First of all, it is a proven fact that all fruit was created equally. Contrary to many beliefs, the general concept that “fresh is best” is incorrect. Whether it is canned, dried, frozen, or even fresh, it all contains the same vitamins and nutrients for your body. On that note, unless the juice is 100% juice, the added sugar contents are hypothetically not better for your body than drinking a soda. 100% juice still contains nutrients, so it should be consumed daily in accordance to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

There is also a common idea that the pesticides found in some produce can cause issues in children and even adults lives later down the road. This is completely inaccurate. Aside from pesticides that farmers use being entirely safe for human consumption, the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables outweigh any possible risk that could be associated with consumption. In fact, eating these types of foods are critical to children and adults staying healthy; therefore, eating them is beneficial to your body, not detrimental.

Lastly, vegetarian diets are commonly referred to as inadequate and insufficient diets. In opposition to that opinion, the website says that “research on vegetarianism has shown populations that follow vegetarian diets and lifestyles maintain optimal health and have longer life expectancies

It is easy to take fruits and vegetables for granted while they are surrounding us in every store across America; however, there are many lives that could be saved in other countries just by being offered these nutritious foods. While we spend our free time contemplating the good and bad contents of foods that we already know to be healthy, others are starving. Aside from that, no matter what excuse is made, fruits and vegetables will always be healthier than that greasy slice of pizza or bowl of ice cream. Make the smart choice.


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