The Man The Myth The Legend

I know I brag a lot about Dodge Ram’s 2013 Super Bowl commercial; however, usually my appreciation for the video centers around it’s advocacy for the agriculture as a whole, but in this instance I choose to recognize the video for something more. I believe one of the videos most inspiring tactics is the variety of still-portraits behind the voiceover in the video. The photos show a variety of different agriculturalists of all different ages, genders, and types.


There is a common idea throughout America that all farmers are around the age of 35. The idea is that agriculturalists are young men that work day in and day out. That is far from the case. As Dodge made evident through their commercial, not only are the majority of farmers older but children are apart of the agricultural family, too. In fact, the national agriculture census recorded that 40% of all farmers are actually above the age of 55.  This doesn’t go to say that there are no young agriculturalists left in the industry, it just goes to show that the public’s perception of the average farmer is far from accurate.




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