agriculture, Holly Spangler's 30 Day Blog Challenge

The Real Agriculturalists

The days are long gone when all agriculturalists tend the land and their animals day in and day out. However, when majority of people across the world hear the word agriculture the only words they can think of is cows, corn, and farmers. On the contrary, accompanied by today’s technology, agriculture has generated thousands of jobs that the founders of our industry never would have dreamed of 1,000 years ago. Agriculture is no longer just farm families. There are jobs in the agriculture industry all the way from natural resources to communications to mechanics and engineering.

Even the National FFA organization, that was founded by young men passionate about the agricultural industry, and named the original organization to stand for Future Farmers of America. In 1988 the assembly changed its name to “The National FFA Organization” to reflect the growing diversity across the agricultural industry. Even the organization that legitimized farmers as an institution, recognizes the changes being bestowed today and that will continue to present themselves throughout the future.

Agriculture used to be seen as jobs strictly considered “blue collar”. In contrast to this outdated stereotype, many up and coming jobs in agriculture are presently seen as businessmen and “white collar” careers. The skill sets that are required have become more strenuous and competitive than the general public even recognizes. The agricultural industry is evolving, and if you don’t develop with it, you’ll get left in it’s dust.


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