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Farm Dogs

As a primarily technology driven society, as a general public, we tend to believe whatever social media or televised programs tell us to believe. At times, movies and TV shows do not seem to realize that what they are presenting to the public will have a direct influence on their viewers’ perception upon a variety of topics.

While movies and many television shows portray most farm dogs as animals that nap on a front porch all day, why would consumers view these animals any differently?

In contrary to the idea that farm dogs ride around in a truck all day as man’s best friend, at many farm operation’s across the world dogs are actually vital to the existence of the farm itself. Oftentimes, farmers would not be able to move livestock if it weren’t for their dogs. Dogs like this were specifically bred to know how to efficiently and effectively herd large numbers of livestock from place to place. There are certain breeds that are more specifically successful with cattle work, others work better with animals like sheep, and many breeds can work with a variety of species.

Aside from herding dogs, there are dogs bred specifically to protect livestock, they are known as guard dogs. Guard dogs are usually larger in size, and their primary job on the farm is protect the animals from outside predators. This article from explains the guard dog’s main purpose:

“For centuries, guard dogs have provided many benefits to livestock producers world-wide (sheep producers have benefitted most). The presence of the guard dog reduces sheep losses to predators and reduces labor by lessening the need for night corralling. The guard dog will bark when predators approach and alert owners to disturbances in the flock, thereby protecting the family and ranch property. These dogs also allow for more efficient use of pastures and possible expansion of the flock because of decreased labor and space requirements.”

Read more:

Trained dogs can not only be responsible for the care and organization of livestock but they are also the perfect security system in many instances. If you were ever to visit a farm, I guarantee the dog will be the first to greet you. Not only just to be friendly, but the K-9’s first concern is to alert his owner of visitors (both wanted and unwanted).×225.jpg

Farm dogs are dire to the daily success of most farms and its time for them to receive the loyal, hardworking reputation they have earned.


Image Sources:×225.jpg


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