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The Milky Way

Even though I realize that my individual upbringing often means that my common knowledge on certain topics differs from the general public, there are many misconceptions that people have that still amaze me today. For instance, I had no idea that people actually believed that brown cows produced chocolate milk, and white cows produced white milk. This idea is absolutely absurd to me. However, after reading multiple ignorant comments on the internet, I am realizing just how oblivious our society truly is. I hate to break it to those who are apparently highly uneducated, but the milk you drink is chocolate because someone put syrup in it. It is definitely NOT caused by a certain cow.

I understand that this is a topic will probably make many of my agricultural audience smile, but the fact of the matter is that these ideas are alive and real in society today. It is our job as agriculturalists to put an end to absurd ideas like this, no matter how ridiculous they seem to us as producers.


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