agriculture, Holly Spangler's 30 Day Blog Challenge

“No That Does Not Mean I Talk To Corn For A Living”

As an agricultural communications major I cannot express the amount of times that I have been asked if my major even exists. Usually, even if someone has heard of it, they do not actually know what it means. By attending a school that is primarily filled with city students that have never actually seen anything aside from the concrete jungle of the city, I have literally surrounded myself with individuals who assume that agriculture immediately means corn and cows. What they do not realize is that ag communicators are the primary source they have at ever learning about the people that produce all of their food.

The amount of times that I have been asked if my major meant I was going to school to learn how to speak to corn and livestock is honestly a little ridiculous. I have to deal with this problem every day I talk to someone that doesn’t understand what ag communications is. I know I am not the only person with this problem though. Many people go through this same situation, but I notice it more in the agriculture field. On this campus, most don’t understand that agriculture is more than just farming, and it takes more than farmers to conquer the agriculture world.

The ag industry continues to grow and will only keep continuing. There will be more jobs implemented that people will have no ice about. I think it is crucial to let others know the role you play in life. I make a difference in agriculture every time I tell an individual what my major is. It is good to keep people informed, even though it is annoying at times when someone does’t understand my passion. Some may now me as the girl writing blogs and studying advertising in ag communications, while others call me the corn whisperer.


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