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Making Connections

I believe the ultimate misconception in today’s society with agriculture is in all reality not a misconception at all, because there would have to be an uneducated opinion for it to be a misconception. I believe that the fact that the majority of the public does not recognize where their food comes from, could possibly be the most dominating issue in today’s industry. However, this is not only an issue in American agriculture, but it is prominent across the globe.

A study done by James Oliver has proved this theory across Australia and Britain. The study he conducted simply asked children about different foods, at times even showing them examples of foods, and asking if they knew where they came from. The kids had no clue. Their ideology stretched from believing that pasta was a form of meat to yogurt growing on trees. If kids cannot even properly recognize WHERE their foods comes from, how are they supposed to know WHO provides it and HOW they do so?

The fact of the matter is that majority of people do not make a connection between the farmer and the store. If you ask someone where milk comes from, they would say Walmart, not a dairy cow. I believe that to be not only the biggest misconception within agriculture, but also one of the leading issues, too. Until we further educated the future generations of the world, it makes our jobs as agriculturalists incredibly difficult to continue to evolve. In order for our industry, which is the basis for many other industries, to grow, we have to let the world grow with us. This means educating them about not only their food, but everything that we do. Whether they recognize it or not, everything we do affects them in some way.,204,203,200_.jpg


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