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Brazilian Food Banter

The country of Brazil is broken up into three major parts: Central, Northeast, and Southern. Each section of the country is most compatible with different areas of agriculture, and is responsible for the production and exportation of those products. As a whole, agriculture is one of the most important industries in the Brazilian culture as it has immeasurable agricultural resources and exports poultry, coffee, soybeans, beef, sugar cane, and ethanol around the world each year.

The difference between the three regions that were previously mentioned relies primarily in the variances in land mass and terrains. Southern Brazil is the most agriculturally sustainable, as it is known for its temperate weather conditions, fertile soils, and high levels of rainfall. Northeast Brazil oftentimes suffers from drought, preventing it to be incredibly prosperous in many aspects of agriculture; whereas, Central Brazil was commonly thought to be unfit for farmland until recently when it become fixated as a livestock production landmass.

Since its beginning, cattle farming has been the country’s most productive industry. In fact, the Global Meat News reported in December of 2013 that Brazil had hit an all time record 1.35m tones to 130 different countries just that year.

Brazilian agriculture is an entity that has the opportunity to grow into one of the most powerful industries in the world. They are the only country that exceeds the United States in soybean production consecutively each year. However, like any country agriculture presents a number of issues for the country including deforestation issues, natural wildlife preservations, and greenhouse emissions. Brazilian agriculturalists are working towards more sustainable solutions to these issues and are striving towards the world-wide goal of feeding the ever growing population.


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