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Canadian Change

Much like the U.S., Canada accounts for a wide range of agricultural productions. It competes with some of the most dominating countries of the food industry to be one of the largest exporting and producing countries in the world. Red meats, grains, and oilseeds compensate for over 50% of Canada’s agricultural sectors. With this being said, wheat is a staple crop for Canada. What production coupled with the growth of Rapeseedalfalfabarleycanolaflaxrye, and oats constitute how grains and seeds have such a large impact on the Canadian agricultural impacts on the country’s economy.

Canadian elk

Additionally, aside from traditional livestock production such as sheep and cattle, Canada is well known for its adaptation to the domestication of elk and buffalo. Much of Canada’s economy has been evoked from the further development of their ranches, farms, and fisheries. Fisheries and

Canadian fishery

forestry go hand in hand. These type of implementations in the country have led to the country’s relinquishment of their once very prominent subsistence techniques in their economy.

These types of systems have also transformed farmers that used to merely work to feed their families, to individuals that produce food for not only their own nation, but to be exported across the world.


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