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Swedish Stock

In the United States, only about 2% of the population spend their lives dedicated to production agriculture in today’s society. In a parallel sense, Sweden has gone from 50% of its population being active agriculturalists to a mere 2% since the early 2,000’s.

The average Swedish farmer is elderly and have been farming their entire lives. Sweden farms are oftentimes larger than other countries because recent government policy has enforced the consolidation of small unprofitable farms into larger units of 25–50 acres. The merge is meant to ensure that the use of farmland is able to feed more people across their country.You can find more information about the government policies being inflicted in Swedish agriculture at:

Wheat, barley, sugar beats, oilseeds, and potatoes are the principal commodities in Sweden’s agriculture. However, as a whole their livestock production is the stable to their industry. Dairy cattle are the most important contributor to their agricultural economics. While dairy is raised in all parts of the country, swine and poultry production takes place in the southern parts of the country.


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