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Changes Made In The Netherlands

The Dutch pride themselves in being world-leaders in agri-food expertise. In fact, the only country ranked higher than the Netherlands as an agricultural exporter is the United States. The Netherlands annually account for over a quarter of the fruits and vegetables that are exported from Europe.

Currently,  the government’s major concern is converting their agricultural industry into a more sustainable system. The government combined with the minds of entrepreneurs have worked to inspire the movement towards multifunctional agriculture. Additionally, since the revolution of environmental care, a shift towards organic farming has became increasingly prevalent in Dutch agriculture. In order to assist organic farmers in staying competitive with conventional farming the government signed covenants with super markets across the country.

The government also supports and believes that the innovation in today’s technology are the best way to create both efficient and environmentally friendly farming. Their aim is to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas release into the ozone. The technologies that have been implemented include biomass and low-energy greenhouses, which are just the beginning of the changes that are beginning to be made throughout the Netherlands’ agricultural systems.


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