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Kenyan Catastrophe

To me, it was surprising to learn that agriculture is the most dominant economic activity in Kenya. Although less than 8% of the land is actually used for agricultural production. Surprisingly, with as little land that is used towards food production, over 80% of the work force is engaged in a type of agricultural pursuits. Africa’s most dominant foreign exchange earner is black tea, and Kenya leads the continent in all tea production. Additionally, Kenya is known for its wide-spread production of coffee and various flowers. While fresh produce accounts for about 30% of their horticulture exports; however, they are one of the largest exporters in the world of carnations, roses, statice, alstroemeria, and lilies.

Kenya’s economy is the largest and most diversified of all African countries. While Kenyan agricultural is crucial to its development strategies and a staple to the economy, the country also faces consistent obstacles. Drought, poverty, disease, and starvation are dominating issues for the majority of the Kenyan population each day. Despite such great challenges, the countries faces remarkable opportunities, too. I previously mentioned that Kenyan agriculture is focused around horticulture; however, they also feature the largest dairy herds in all of eastern and southern Africa. By combining and expanding both industries, the country has the potential to significantly grow their economic stability and improve the well-being of their people.

The organization Feed the Future is assisting the Kenyan government toe capitalize on these opportunities. Feed the Future is working to not only decrease the prevalence of starvation and disease throughout Kenya, but to also improve food security and living conditions for the people.


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