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Opportunities in Bolivia

As South America’s most poverty stricken country around 60% of Bolivia’s population lives below the poverty line, while 80% of rural areas reside in poverty.  About two-fifths of the country is involved in agricultural pursuits; however, their work is not for the purpose of making money, but merely to survive. Considering the depreciation and disintegration of land, climate change, coupled with limited technologies have lead to the severe state of poverty the people face today.


The Bolivian Altiplano is globally known for its overwhelming transcendence. It is a high plane holds the world’s highest navigable lake, the largest salt flat, and second largest mountain plateau. Behind its beauty, lies the harsh truth that many Bolivian civilians live through each day.

The majority of farmers own small plots where they produce a variety of crops to feed their families with each year. Various vegetables, potatoes, maize, beans, and quinoa. In addition to their horticulture, Bolivia’s lands are filled with native llamas, sheep, and alpacas which are dominant contributors as food sources, but warmth through their skins and hides.  On the contrary, the animals are also responsible for much the soil erosion and overgrazing throughout the lands.

Additionally, Bolivia is the third largest producer of coca, which is what cocaine is made from. The plant is also used to produce coffee; however, the government has lead eradication efforts in an attempt to bring a halt to drug production and exportation.

Considering the country’s current state, government officials are working to improve the agricultural industry due to the opportunities it presents to the Bolivian economy.


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