Ag Around the World, Holly Spangler's 30 Day Blog Challenge

Turkish Vegetables

Agriculture has always thrived throughout the country of Turkey and it still remains one of the largest occupations for the Turkish people. This country has exceptional growing conditions for many different varieties of crops. The soil is very fertile, the climate is rather warm throughout the growing season and the large amounts of rainfall each year help to produce outstanding crops year after year. Vegetable products make up 76% of the country’s total agriculture. As of 2003, Turkey was the world’s largest producer of hazelnuts, figs, apricots, and raisins. Tea is also one of the country’s most popular export which is shipped around the world. Approximately 32% of Turkey’s employees work in the agriculture sector which is very impressive compared to other countries around the world. There are also around 10 billion cattle and 25 billion sheep that are raised and exported to other nearby countries. Turkey has greatly expanded their poultry sector, which puts them at 20th in the world overall in poultry production. 

As farming becomes more technologically advanced each year, Turkey has been slow to adapt to these new skills compared to other countries. The land and water in Turkey has been poorly managed which leaves many issue to be resolved. Turkey has always been very self-sufficient when it comes to food products. This country has recently been known as the largest producer/exporter of the Near East and African regions. The United States is one of Turkey’s larges exporters in which they transport dried fruit and nuts, tobacco, and cotton. 

Throughout Turkey, two-thirds of the land is under cultivation each year. Since World War II, the country has greatly expanded its farmland and began the use of chemical fertilizers which largely increased the yield of the crop. Around 90% of the land being cultivated is being farmed for the production of cereal that will then be exported.



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