Ag Around the World, Holly Spangler's 30 Day Blog Challenge

Greenland Climate

Though Greenland sounds like a great country to produce outstanding agriculture, one may be sadly mistaken. As the climate tends to become warmer year after year, this country can now grow crops that would have never had a chance of surviving a growing season. With the warmer climates and longer summer days, farmers can now grow hay to feed their livestock. The production of hay has also had a large influence  on the sheep farmers. These farmers can now feed more livestock with the amount of hay that is being produced. The Greenland government has been working with the farmers, studying the climate changes in order to produce more crops in hopes to reduce the amount of expensive imported goods. 

This country also commercially grows potatoes in the southern region. During 2012 Greenland produced 100 metric tons of potatoes and nearly doubled that in 2008. Farming in Greenland is extremely difficult due to the fluctuating  temperatures. Many small villages have decided to use greenhouses in attempt to grow their own fruits and vegetables in a controlled environment. The soil for the greenhouses has to be shipped from Canada. The maintenance for this soil and the fees that come along with that totals up to around $90 a year. 


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