Ag Around the World, Holly Spangler's 30 Day Blog Challenge

Vacation Spot or Agricultural Entity?

The Dominican Republic is a perfect place to spend a vacation, but what most people that visit this country do not realize, is how rich and demanding the agriculture sector can be.  Throughout this country there are many different areas that great soil to help produce quality crops, but the Cibao Valley produces the best crops year after year. Each year approximately 1,186,000 acres is being worked and farmed by the people of the Dominican.

Though Cuba has the Dominican Republic beat in the production of sugar can, the Dominican comes in at a close second.Sugar cane is the country’s largest crop being farmed and exported each year. During 1989-1991 the sugar cane production was around 7.1 million tons but quickly fell during 1999 to around 4.4 million tons.  One of the other main agriculture products is coffee. Coffee is distributed around the world to many other demanding countries.The government is attempting to get the local farmers to diversify to nontraditional products such as fresh fruits, flowers and fresh vegetables. The country primarily grows rice and sugar can which grows great with the climate and the fertile soil. These products are mainly produced and exported to demanding countries. The tropical storms and hurricanes that continue to hit this country seems to only hurt the smaller famers which makes up around 72% of all the agricultural farmers in the Dominican.




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