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The Stock of Belgium

Much like the majority of countries across the world, the Kingdom of Belgium’s agricultural industry has been declining for quite some time now. Currently, only about 2% of their population is engaged in agricultural pursuits. Although about 39% of the country’s land is used for agricultural purposes, only 1% is used for permanent crops.

The majority of Belgium’s agriculture is divided into two parts: crop production and livestock production. Sugar beets, potatoes, and barley are the staple products produced in the country, but they are accompanied by corn, wheat, and assorted fruits and vegetables. While these products are necessary to the continuation of the country’s economy, stock production is the dominating contribution to their agricultural system. A variety of livestock is raised across the country including veal, beef, poultry, lamb, and swine.

Belgium is also known for their wide-spread dairy production, and their self-sustained egg, butter, and milk productions. The soil types vary across the country, which is the leading factor as to why the crop productions vary throughout the different terrains.

In addition, forests cover approximately 22% of the Belgium land mass, leaving wooded areas to be used principally for recreational purposes rather than agricultural. Fishing is also crucial to the country’s exportation status, their largest part is in Oostende. The fishing fleet exploits the North Atlantic Ocean fisheries from the North Sea to Iceland.


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