Ag Around the World, Holly Spangler's 30 Day Blog Challenge

The Japanese Standard

As many countries throughout the world have different cultures and customs, the one entity that they all have in common is agriculture. Japan is no different from any other country; Agriculture in Japan is very important to the economy and provides abundant different occupations for the public. Compared to other countries, the amount of tillable farm land is sparse in certain regions. The average land being farmed by individuals is around 3 acres which is rather small compared to the United States and other neighboring countries. The amount of rainfall, soil fertility, and the temperature helps in the success of producing large amount of crops each year.  The entire country of Japan small farms throughout the mountainous terrain, but the northern region thrives in agricultural production. The northern Island of Hokkaido produces around 10% of the national production. Many different modern methods are being used in farming which makes the crop production much more successful. Though Japan produces a variety of crops, they also have many different products imported from other countries such as the United States. Around 39% of the tillable land is being planted as rice fields. 

The government recently restricted the amount of rice being planted causing the farmers to plant other products. A large amount of the crops being grown in Japan comes from urban communities. Approximately 25% of the households in Japan has some sort of urban crop production. Agriculture is constantly growing in Japan as modern technology advances the production of crops. Local agricultural farmers produce enough vegetables to feed almost 700,000 city dwellers. As urbanization has increased over the past few years, this has diminished around 40% of the arable farmland. Unlike countries such as the United States, most of Japanese farmers have other sources of employment other than farming. Japan has close to 1.5 million farmers but approximately 420,000 farm full time as their only form of income. Many of the part-time farmers strictly produce rice which mainly consists of the urban farmers. 






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